Lingerie and Your Hookup

“So, you want to see her in this lingerie?”

Lingerie is a thing that is often associated with sex and romance, and that’s why a lot of guys are going to try and ask their hookups to wear it for them. There’s nothing wrong with that, and hey, we can understand the appeal. That being said, there’s definitely a way to ask your girl to wear it…and there are some occasions where she might want to see you wearing it, too. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Montreal or in any other part of the world–lingerie is a thing in the bedroom, and really being able to work it is an art. When you’re using the top websites for getting laid, it should be expected that it’s going to come up once in a while. Enjoy it!

Finding the Best Lingerie

Honestly, finding the best lingerie for your hookup is going to vary depending on her size and her preference. The stuff that works best for plus size girls isn’t going to be what looks the best on smaller girls, and so it’s important to really know her sizes before you go out to try and purchase something for her to wear on your next hookup. This is something that the top websites for getting laid are going to warn you about, too, so just be careful before you take advice from the first lingerie store you go to in town. Really do your research, or you’ll regret it.

It’s also important that you talk to her about her preferences. If you want this to be a surprise gift when you meet up with her in Montreal, you don’t have to really go into detail. You can always e-mail her pictures of lingerie and ask her which one she thinks is the sexiest. You can narrow down from there what she’s really into, and from there, you’ll really be able to buy her something that suits her, that she enjoys, and that’s she’s also quite comfortable wearing.

Don’t pinch pennies when it comes to lingerie. We really consider this to be a gift for a reoccurring hookup, so that should mean that she’s worth a little bit more to you. Spend the money to get her something nice, or just don’t spend it at all. That’s kind of how lingerie works, and that’s something that you should remember when you’re trying to get something for her.

Ask Nicely

“Ask her if she’d be comfortable in a lingerie”

When it comes to getting her into the lingerie that you’ve purchased for her, you should never pressure her. If you’d love for her to wear it tonight at your hookup, then you can tell her as much–but don’t try to push her into it. Give her the gift of the lingerie, and see how she reacts. She’s not always going to be super gung-ho about it like all the top websites for getting laid claim. She might be a little shy about it, actually, and that’s perfectly normal and acceptable for a gift of fancy underwear. There are a lot of hook up sites in Canada which claim to get you laid tonight. Instead of being a victim to such scams, check out for the best sites to get laid. And once you meet her, gift her a lingerie to turn your hookup into a casual relationship.

Even if she’s shy, though, you can still ask her if she’d like to model it for you. If she agrees, then great. If she doesn’t then drop it. That’s really all there is to it, and that’s something that you’re just going to have to deal with. With a lot of ladies, however, they aren’t going to be shy about it at all. They’re really going to be into the idea of wearing it for you and for you to worship them while they have it on, and that means that she’ll probably prance off and put it on for you right then and there.

Obviously, this isn’t always going to be the case, but if she asks nicely and wears it for you, then you’ll be able to really appreciate it. Really tell her how good it looks on her, and how much you enjoy seeing it on her. That’s going to make her feel like she’s a perfect, pampered princess, and that means that she’s going to be that much more willing to wear similar things for you in the future as well. The more praise you shower upon her, the better, especially if it really suits her.

What if She Asks You?

“Oh please! Don’t ask me to wear it”

There are a lot of girls out there that are pretty into guys cross dressing. Even if that isn’t your thing, don’t be surprised if you hear one of them request for you to wear some thigh highs or some of her panties. There are just as many kinky guys out there that really love dressing in women’s underwear, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Even if you were never one of them, you might find it actually pretty arousing to try out once or twice with the right girl, and it might be something that you end up loving.

Whatever the case, you shouldn’t just blow her off if she asks you to try out some cross dressing with lingerie. She might actually be pretty well prepared for this sort of thing, and by that, we mean that she might have already purchased lingerie made specifically for men. Yes, that’s a thing, and it’s actually a pretty big market. If she asks you to try some of it on, then it’s up to you whether or not you want to give it a try…but really, if you asked her to wear some stuff for you once before, the least you can do is to make her laugh.

If you end up not liking it, that’s fine. At least you gave it a shot, and we bet it made her pretty happy to see you go along with it. If you did like it, then great! You’ve found something else to add to your kinky arsenal, and we’re pretty sure that your hookup was super into it and had an amazing time just because you put some panties on. It’s all worth it at the end of the day regardless, so good for both of you.

Just Be Laid Back About It

“Don’t get surprised. Just go with the flow”

No matter what the scenario is, you just need to relax. Lingerie is one of those things that requires a lot of confidence and relaxation no matter who has it on, and that’s why you should always try and keep an open-mind regarding it, no matter how lingerie ends up coming into your hookup situation. You might end up finding out that you enjoy certain things, and that means that you’ll just have more fun in the long run by trying out new stuff.

Lingerie isn’t for everyone. There are a lot of ladies that don’t enjoy wearing lingerie, too, and that’s just a fact that you’re going to have to end up accepting, even if you’ve gone out of your way to buy her a present of lingerie. This is why it’s always good to ask before you invest in something like that, just to make sure you aren’t wasting your time and money. By doing so, you’re insuring that you’re getting a gift that’s actually going to be appreciated, and not just cringed at. You really want to get her something that she likes and if that isn’t lingerie, then you can just find something else.

The Importance of Aftercare

It’s sad to think that many people that participate in bondage have actually never heard of aftercare. We personally think that the importance of aftercare should be included in bondage for beginners’ book, as it’s definitely part of bondage 101. Aftercare is the task of not only physically caring for your partner after a scenario, but also emotionally bringing them back to a state of calm and relaxation. Scenarios can be extremely taxing for your submissive, and that’s why you should always focus on aftercare and making it an important part of your scenario’s routine. Without it, there’s a good chance your submissive will never want to come back and join you again for another session, as you simply aren’t taking care of the whole part of them.

What Does Aftercare Include, Anyway?

“You return to your normal personas and take care of your partner”

Aftercare is a great number of things, and while it might be part of bondage 101, that doesn’t mean that it’s all common sense to most people in general. Aftercare be can particularly difficult for people to grasp if they have never actually participated in a bondage scenario before, so keep this in mind and do your research before jumping head first into a situation that you haven’t taken the time to fully research. Aftercare is extremely important, and that means that you should research it as much as you’ve spent time researching how to tie those fancy rope knots around your partner’s wrists. Keep this in mind, and you will both be much happier in your sex life.

Aftercare is not just the physical care of your partner after a scenario, though that constitutes a great deal of it as well. Aftercare of your partner’s physical state includes untying them and caring for any bruises, cuts, or blisters that they might have incurred. It includes cleaning up the mess of any sex acts that occurred, and helping them into a comfortable position for all of this to happen. It can even include something as simple as getting them a glass of water if they request it, or anything else that they need after an intense session. Again, this isn’t all in bondage 101, so we understand that many people simply don’t think of doing these things, but they are all extremely important things all the same.

“You help them calm down and relax both mentally and physically”

While aftercare has a lot to do with the physical, it also includes the mental care of your partner after a session has happened. This includes talking them down from whatever mental state they have gone into, as many submissives actually reach something of a loop, where they can only answer to your commands, or become simply inconsolable with their crying. Telling them how well they did, how proud you are of them, and how happy you are that they played with you are many ways to help calm them down from their subspace and bring them back to the real world. Calling them by their real name usually helps in situations like this. It will help them settle down and relax once more. This might take some time in order to happen, so don’t be surprised if you have to spend more time with this aspect of aftercare than anything else. There should be quite a bit of talking, gentle touches, and comforting in order to bring your partner back into the mental state of being that is separate from what they experience during an intense bondage scenario.

As we’ve said before, while we believe that aftercare should be included all in bondage 101, it just isn’t. That’s why it’s important to discuss your partner’s needs and to do your research beforehand. Properly discussing their needs will make it much easier to figure out what exactly it is they need out of their aftercare session, and can warn you properly about any particular quirks that they might have afterwards. By doing this, you will both be fully prepared for the situation at hand. Also, make sure that you get the bondage basics right. Rope Is Rope? – Nope! A Bondage For Beginners Guide. Get the right advice and you will be fine.

Skimping on Aftercare Makes for Bad Situations

“Don’t skip out on the aftercare part”

If you are the dominant in the scenario, skimping on aftercare basically is saying that you have a blatant disregard for your sub’s well-being, both in a mental and physical sense. As we stated before, not giving your submissive the proper aftercare will result, most likely, in the loss of your partner entirely. This sort of behavior simply isn’t acceptable, and you will end up gaining a reputation for simply not caring for your partners in the scene. A Dominant can be a great many things, but selfish and uncaring to his submissive is something that should never be an occurrence. This doesn’t just apply to bondage; it applies to every aspect of sex, and it will certainly not earn you any favors in the bedroom in future.

Remember that while your submissive might want you to be cold, callous, and demanding during a scene, that does not include aftercare. Aftercare is the time after a scene is over, when you should be reverting back to your normal personas and regaining your separate agendas. Aftercare has absolutely nothing to do with the act of bondage (other than caring for any wounds that your submissive might have incurred from the act of bondage itself). It has absolutely nothing to do with being a cold, domineering Master, and all to do with caring for your lover and partner who has endured quite a bit in the scenario the two of you just completed. It is extremely important for you to be able to differentiate between these things in order to have a healthy relationship with your submissive and be able to enjoy bondage as much as the two of you truly want to.

More Subtle Acts of Aftercare

“Don’t leave them alone, no matter what”

Your submissive might actually not enjoy the act of being doted on after their scenario, and that’s fine. That being said, there is still some aftercare to be had, and that can be done in the form of asking if there is anything that you can get them, or anything that you can do in order to make them comfortable. By asking, you are still giving them the aftercare that they need. Some submissives are actually quite competent after a scenario is all said and done, and that means that they will not be entrenched as deeply into subspace as many other submissives will be. It still means they need aftercare, but not the heavy, doting extent of it that many will request from their dominant.

There are many reasons to never neglect aftercare, and in general, it should just be a part of your routine. By discussing your partner’s exact needs, you will be able to find exactly what it is that you need to do in order to make them feel comfortable, happy, and very trusting in you as a dominant in your scenarios that the two of you have planned. It will make all of your scenarios go much better in the future as well, and in general, you will be able to have a much more satisfying sexual experience through bondage than you otherwise would when you are not caring properly for your partner as aftercare allows. Keep this in mind, and have a lot of fun in the future.

Overexposed: Kids And Technology

These days, kids can operate smartphones, play games on a gaming console, browse the internet and listen to music a few years after just being born. Look around you, and there would be a kid playing around with his dad’s phone or tablet, or rocking it out on an mp3 player. Technology is a thing used by kids during varied situations, whether if it’s for school, play or in the event that parents want to communicate with them.

There are infinite benefits that can be told from using technology: Learning benefits like research, educational games, and speech skills. TV’s offer educational programs (documentaries etc.). Video games also improve skills such as physical skills as well as hand and eye coordination. But as you know, too much technology in a kid’s system also has its disadvantages. Here are some of the disadvantages and reasons why we should limit technology for children (well, at least until the right time . . .).

Twitter and Facebook 'harming children's development'

Twitter and Facebook ‘harming children’s development’

You should limit technology to children because (of):

1. Too much technology means less physical activity

Because of the video games that they keep playing every single day, these children will become less interested on doing physical activities with children their own age. This might lead to child obesity if unattended.

2. Schoolwork might get interfered

Studies show that children overexposed to technology seem to have less interest in getting high grades and going to school itself.

Is modern digital media destroying kids’ childhoods?

Is modern digital media destroying kids’ childhoods?

3. It may lead to children becoming antisocial

Using too much technology means having less interaction with the people around you. Families are having a hard time spending good quality time with each other, especially if everyone seems to be “on line”. Parents should avoid this too. Find ways to enjoy each family member’s company playing video games instead and sometimes just go “offline” and interact more with each other.

Kids are sleeping less and playing more

Busy kids often encounter this: more homework plus sports on weekends leads to more electronic stimulation (watching tv, playing games) to release stress. Other times they wake up and would spend hours in the computer right away playing games missing breakfast.

Kids will tend to have shorter attention span

Kids already have short attention span; and with more and more time logged on to technology and games, expect them to do much worse. Attention problems can be encountered when kids watch too much TV or browse the internet for long periods of time

Unprotected access to adult advertising and inappropriate content

Most of the shows and commercials on TV depict too much violence and sexuality as well as alcohol/drug use that can be too much for children. Commercials are designed make the youth desire these items.

Less screen time can be the solution to these problems. Encourage your children to explore outdoors or to interact with people around them to lessen their use of technology. Connecting with the school that your child is going to can also help, as the school might put rules around them to prohibit the use of technology when it is not needed. Game consoles, TVs, etc., can also be kept on places where parents can see them access it in order to control the child’s screen time.

Get To Know CROSSFIT – The New Workout


Getting a good workout is a way to stay healthy and maintain it by doing it on a routine basis. However, doing the same routine again and again every time for weeks or months can be such a bore. Why not try something else new? Try something that’s more exciting, but still delivers good results and keeps the body in good shape and healthy.

CROSSFIT Arrives on the Scene

New exercise programs are developed to constantly deliver high quality and intense workout routines to further shape up the body. The most recent one is the CROSSFIT Workout program which started to boom about a year ago.

It was said that two girls where complaining that their bodies were getting sore that their usual routine can’t seem to help deal with it. However, when they tried the CROSSFIT program, luck began to change on their favor because it relieved them on their soreness.

From the Couch to CrossFit: 5 Things Beginners Need to Know Before Joining a Box

From the Couch to CrossFit: 5 Things Beginners Need to Know Before Joining a Box

It’s very effective, quick, and most importantly, very fun. It sheds of weight in matters of weeks or even less once it’s started.

More about the Program

The advanced exercise program is a means to provide conditioning and strength to a certain intensity level suitable for most people. The conditioning aspect is also in combination with cardio and various movement patterns which means the longer you go through with the program, you will encounter new styles of workout.

New styles are more convenient and to mention, more fun because it limits the boredom factor which most don’t like when caught up with a program that’s done all over again and again. It also helps stretch the body consistently covering all extremities both upper and lower.

What You Get from CROSSFIT

CROSSFIT has been regarded as a top workout program worldwide because of positive feedbacks of those who actually tried it. As most would comment on the program, it’s something that’s a perfect for the body.

Five Things You Need To Know About CrossFit

Five Things You Need To Know About CrossFit

For starters, you will get to experience what it feels like to be a weightlifter, rower and 800m runner, equal part gymnast, and sprinter all fused as one. You will perform multi joint and functional movements such as lifting, throwing, pushing, pulling, and more in varying levels of intensity.

The program is designed to focus mainly on 10 key factors namely Speed, Agility, Balance, Co-ordination, Accuracy, Cardiovascular endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, and Power.

Experience a whole new different style of workout by trying the CROSSFIT program. You will then get the form of body that you’ve always dreamed of to go to sunny beaches having the perfect curves. Going through this is not only beneficial for your body figuratively, but also for your health’s sake. Do this for good and optimum health.

Simple 5 Ways To Overcome Energy Bills


With the economy, & unemployment still hovering over 10%, it is increasingly difficult to overcome ends meet. In some houses, 75% of the current used to power their home electronics & small appliances are consumed even when they all are turned off. The status revealed according to the Dept of Energy website. You can have a number of ways to save a few dollars through some energy efficiency at your home. Before you begin storming through the home wildly unplugging the things to save some bucks you should need to know the areas in your home are costing you a lot of money. Here are few things, how to save some money just 5 ways to cut energy costs at home by maintaining your home from using power even when you are not around.

1. Home energy audit

Try to do a energy audit in your home. This explains you the places where you may losing money in your home. You can either appoint someone to do the audit task professionally or you can do it by yourself. The Dept of Energy site goes into all gives you the details.

Simple 5 Ways To Overcome Energy Bills

Simple 5 Ways To Overcome Energy Bills

2. Install Green Switches

Cut your power consumption by simply installing some green switches in your house. It is a device, controls the energy to all electronics which are plugged into the switch outlet. The electronics use energy when they are all turned off, since they draw some power from the outlet when they are plugged in. Think about the dvd player, TV, stereo, & computer. The whole night they are all powered down when you are asleep, still they are sucking electricity when they are all plugged in. So, go with a green switches saves you consuming power.

Sun Kings: Can Solar Power Solve Pakistan’s Energy Crisis?

Sun Kings: Can Solar Power Solve Pakistan’s Energy Crisis?

3. Light Bulbs

Lamps are an easy way where you can save a big money. Replace an incandescent bulb with some compact fluorescent lamps (CFL). They are all more energy efficient & last for years. They also produce some less heat when compared with other bulbs.

4. Digital Thermostats

You might be surprised that the most of homes still have the thermostats over 10 years old. The digital thermostats have all types of functions that even by design, save you some money on your bill. They are even more accurate in displaying the proper temperature. You can give it many times to turn it on & off, throughout the day & night which is more efficient.

5. Insulation & Drafts

Every spring & fall you should make sure to go around your home, inside and outside, & check your insulation & also check for drafts. And replace any insulation if any that is rotting or falling out, or even it has been damaged. Always use caulk & weather stripping to seal the windows, doors, & any other areas which aren’t sealed properly. And check the doors for drafts and the garage for some holes or any weather damage.

Even dozens of ways to save the electric bill and you are not sticking behind many ideas please make in mind these 5 ways to cut energy costs at home.

Be The Boss: 5 Ways To Become A Self-Employed Consultant

A consultant simply consults practically about anything. You can be a consultant in a particular area that you are interested in. As long as it is a field where you have a wide knowledge of the subject matter, companies and organizations will hire a consultant to seek professional or expert advice. Mostly, consultants are hired by companies in problem areas like accounting and finance, branding and marketing, technology, management and project management.

If you have plans in becoming a consultant, then you can either work for a large consulting firm or an independent contractor, freelancer or be self-employed. Being a self-employed consultant has its advantages. You become the boss and the consultant of your own business at the same time; you can offer your services to other firms but not as an employee. This article will talk more about how you can become a self-employed consultant. Below are ways on how to become one.

  1. Identify Your Inner Core

The first thing you need to do is discover where you are specifically good at because if you’re already passionate about it, then everything will follow. But still, it doesn’t sound as simple as it is. Although passion will drive you towards reaching a goal, interest is still not enough. Everything changes and what you knew that you think would still be good now may not be as good as it was before. That’s why we never stop learning; you keep that knowledge coming and allow yourself to experience more.

work and unemployment

work and unemployment

  1. Identify and Research Your Target Market

So you have that passion and knowledge of becoming a consultant but what good will it do if no one will consider and pay you for your services. If you want to become a self-employed consultant then you have to make your own plans and you need to know who you will be dealing with. You need to do your own research by finding ways on how you can help them and why your service is important for their company. By doing so you can create a nice clear path on how you can market your consulting business.

  1. Complete Licensing Requirements and Certifications

Like any other business a particular license and some certifications are needed. Aside from the reason that it is legally required, having a license and obtaining professional certificates will increase your business credibility.

Think hard before going self-employed in Spain

Think hard before going self-employed in Spain

  1. Be Clear with Your Goals

In order to steer clear towards success, you need to be more specific with your goals. Ask yourself, why do you want to become a self-employed consultant in the first place?

  1. Start at Home

For starters, you may not have enough money yet to fund an office space. You can start at your home by turning a particular space into a nice cozy office. This can help cut down your expenses as you build your business.

Being a self-employed consultant can be challenging and I really hope that you find this information helpful. Since you decided to find yourself in the business industry, you need to take the responsibility in making your business grow.